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General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

To avoid misunderstandings

Terms and conditions, hotel information and information to our prices



On the day of arrival
the rooms are at your disposal from 14.00 o'clock.
The price differences result from the different location, size and equipment of the rooms. All other services are the same.
We are happy to consider your wishes, but we cannot guarantee the booking of certain room numbers



Wednesdays we have day off on this day we offer only breakfast service



On the day of departure
we ask you to vacate the rooms from 11.00 am.



You can pay your bill the day before or on the day of departure in cash, by ec-card or credit card.
We accept the following credit cards: Visa/Master and also EC-Cash



Minimum stays
Carnival, Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost and Corpus Christi.
On these days we have a minimum stay of 3 nights
Christmas and Between the years is a minimum stay of 4 nights.
The hotel is closed on 24. u. 25. December



The guest accommodation contract
The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room is ordered and confirmed or if a written confirmation was not possible due to time constraints.
The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obligates the contracting parties to fulfill the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract. (Legal basis is the guest accommodation contract of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association).



All prices quoted include the statutory value added tax.
When a new price list is published, the previous one loses its validity.
Price and arrangement changes for hotel and wellness
Applications we reserve the right at any time.



Cancellations must always be made in writing. Please note that a cancellation free of charge is possible up to 4 weeks before arrival (except for group bookings).
Should we not be able to sublet the booked room 80% of the accommodation price or 60% of the arrangement price will be charged.
In case of late arrival or early departure we will also charge 100% of the accommodation price.
Treatments booked over a weekend can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days before the start. Otherwise, 80 % of the cost of the booked treatments will be charged if we cannot assign the dates elsewhere.



Cancellation protection
Is STRONGLY recommended by us! This protects you from cancellation costs.
You can purchase travel cancellation insurance at
take out



Application dates
We would like to point out that we cannot guarantee open dates in the wellness department for guests who have not yet booked any treatments before arrival.
Especially on weekends there can be bottlenecks. Therefore, we recommend that you inform us of your desired treatments at the time of booking so that we can meet your scheduling needs.
In case of illness or cancellation of the therapists, no claims can be made.



Make your loved ones happy. Give what comes up short in everyday life.
Active vacation, honeymoon, massage or beauty treatment.
There are no limits to your imagination.
Just tell us by e-mail what you would like to give away.
We will be happy to advise you by phone at 07084 /4234



Vouchers are subject to the statutory limitation period of 3 years.
§199 I BGB. We ask to note that vouchers will not be redeemed after expiration.
We ask you to indicate vouchers you wish to redeem directly when booking and to hand them in at reception on arrival, so that we can charge them against your invoice in good time.



Pets are not allowed.




are provided free of charge in the rooms.
We provide bath slippers free of charge upon request.

WLAN is available in all rooms. We give no guarantee for the actual availability



Non-smoking rooms and restaurant
Our rooms are all non-smoking rooms. In case of non-compliance we take the liberty to charge an additional 100,00 € for basic cleaning.
Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant by law.
Smoking is allowed on all terraces and balconies.
Likewise, open candlelight and open fire is not allowed in the rooms and balconies for fire safety reasons.



Day of rest
Wednesday is a day of rest.
On this day is only breakfast service




Wednesdays until 12:00 or again from 17:00.
For other arrival times, a key code can be made for the keyboy.



Massage and Beauty Department

We would like to point out that all massages/body treatments offered by us are exclusively so-called wellness massages/treatments and not medical massages recommended or prescribed by doctors, alternative practitioners or other institutions. You will not receive any medical information or advice from us. Therefore, if you have any medical questions, please contact the medical department only.


1. service in general
The treatment/massage takes place at your request. We expressly point out that our activity serves the activation of the self-healing powers of our customers and does not replace the activity of the physician/health practitioner. We do not make any diagnoses or promises of healing, nor do we treat symptoms. A settlement of prescriptions with statutory health insurance is not possible.

2. treatments/massages
Treatments are performed exclusively on healthy clients. You affirm that you are, to the best of your knowledge, free of physical infirmities that would prevent an application/massage.
If you have other medical conditions (such as allergies, physical limitations, sensitive skin, etc.) or are pregnant, please discuss this with us beforehand.
pregnancy, please discuss this with your doctor beforehand and inform us before the application/massage. If acute illnesses, already existing damage to the musculoskeletal system or cardiovascular diseases are present, an application / massage is excluded.
application/massage is excluded.
Applications/massages to customers under the influence of alcohol, who show a lack of personal hygiene through appearance or smell, we refuse.

3. disclaimer
The application/massage is voluntarily requested by the customer and is intended to relax, loosen up and activate the body's self-healing powers.
If the body is not accustomed to applications/massages, it can come under circumstances to negative reactions like e.g. to a muscle ache. If complaints or damages occur despite professional application, we are exempt from any liability. The same applies to complaints/damage that occur because an exclusion reason for the application/massage was not known to the customer himself and was not recognizable to us.
Pregnant women receive an application/massage only at their own express request and to the exclusion of any warranty.